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'Fings ain't wot they used to be', tell us about your provider support relationships in 2015

Panacea Adviser Survey

9 Jul 2015

At the end of May we received an email from a financial adviser within the community who believed that there has been a huge downturn in adviser support services being offered by providers since RDR, declining further due to the pension changes.

It has been noticed that since mid 2013, many firms have reduced or restricted access to face to face and telephone based support specialists where discussions regarding technical issues or solution suggestions used to be commonplace.

The situation seems to have been made worse by some now operating automated, multi option telephone systems designed (but failing) to help direct you to the correct department.

Furthermore, earlier this year, we ran a Summer Confidence Poll on how 2015 has been for your business, the results seemed to demonstrate more doom and gloom than positive sentiment.

With this in mind we would like to know more about the support relationship you have with providers and their customer service areas and how you are feeling in terms of your business prospects in 2015. 

The results will then be shared with our supporting partner firms, enabling assessment of the average adviser experience to be shared to help improve the relationship and service you receive. 

The survey only contains 20 short questions and will take just a few minutes of your time.  Feel free to have your say and ask your colleagues to do the same!

The survey closes 5pm on Wednesday 30th September 2015.

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Comments (1)

Even nostalgia isn't what it was once...

Richard Brown   21/09/2015   12:53


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