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Standard Life Investments: Investment Insight: Unconstrained Investing - The Freedom to Perform

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14 Aug 2014

What exactly is ‘unconstrained investing’? More importantly, why do investors increasingly need to consider this key investment strategy as a complement to their equity allocation? This paper explains the significant return, risk and diversification benefits that unconstrained strategies can bring to portfolios.

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Mikhail Zverev, Global Equity Unconstrained - 24 September
Thomas Moore, UK Equity Income Unconstrained - 2 December

Free thinking. High potential.
Unconstrained Investing

At Standard Life Investments, our approach to unconstrained investing epitomises the rigorous process and disciplined focus which we apply to all of our investment decisions.

The difference? Our unconstrained fund managers are not tied to a benchmark and so have greater freedom to invest across a broad range of equities. Selecting from the strongest investment insights with the highest conviction, unconstrained investing provides greater opportunity to deliver the enhanced overall returns which our clients demand.

Watch Mikhail Zverev, Global Equity Unconstrained Fund Manager; define what unconstrained investing means to Standard Life Investments.


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