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Roger Edwards Podcast: Edmund Tirbutt on Financial Media Case Studies and Storytelling

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19 Aug 2014

In this episode of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast I talk to a journalist who believes that we must all work together to push more positive stories out across all media.

Edmund Tirbutt is a freelance journalist and writer and has covered financial services topics for the last 27 years. His articles are always painstakingly researched and hard-hitting.

A one time semi-pro stand-up comedian, he’s recently started doing comedy again, performing alongside world-renowned comedians like Mike Wozniak and John Maloney.

Listen as Edmund talks about his early days as a media champion trying to get declined claims paid. Hear his views on how we use humour in financial services communications. He asks whether seminars in the workplace the key to future market growth.

Edmund feels that positive financial case studies are key to improving the public’s view of financial services. Listen as he explains what works and how advisers can talk to the media to showcase their positive stories.

Links to Edmund’s best business book: In for a Penny: A Business Adventure by Peter Hargreaves
Connect with Edmund on LinkedIn: Edmund Tirbutt


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Comments (5)

As Edmund is aware from his experience of dealing with life offices - we are all p---ing in the wind until these life offices start treating their (and our) customers even half way decently.

Until then we can continue to tell the public we are intermediaries - the people who stand between them and the life office to try and prevent them from being ripped off.

I know we all have stories to tell!

Harry Katz   20/08/2014   09:04
Service has become almost non-existent since the FSA cajoled and even forced mutuals to demutualise.

As a proportion, are readers prepared to say how many personal pensions clients actually receive their benefits on time come retirement?

Richard Brown   20/08/2014   12:51
Listened to the audio. Some good points, but glad I listened over lunch and not in chargeable time. (sorry)

The link in the audio, (and nplan) return 404 errors. sad smiley

In the end I realised it is

Richard Brown   20/08/2014   14:00
Thanks for your comments Richard. I certainly wouldn't expect anyone to listen to the podcast on chargeable time. It's mainly designed for commutes, treadmills or lunches as you say.

Was is a physical link in the audio notes that wasn't working or merely my vocal that wasn't clear?

Roger Edwards   08/09/2014   08:07
Sorry can't remember.

Richard Brown   08/09/2014   12:45


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