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Triple Your Revenue Through Client Engagement - Part 2

Webinar for Advisers

16 May 2013

The cornerstone to building a strong differentiated value proposition is the very beginning. The relationship is built from the very first communication.  It’s the structure and process of client engagement that is critical.

This  webinar, the second of a two part series, ‘OPTIMUM ADVICE – The Client Engagement Conversation’, will take you through how you can establish a robust, equitable and profitable client relationship, based on a partnership with a prospective and/or existing client, setting out to achieve their own personal goals and outcomes.

It will enable you to:

  • differentiate yourself
  • present a robust value proposition
  • charge substantive fees for the work you do
  • develop long term comprehensive client relationships
  • engage new clients and uncover new opportunities with existing clients; and…
  • triple your revenue  

You can register on the BrightTalk website at following link

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