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George Kinder Presents: EVOKE(R) Life Planning Process and Client Results

Using Technology to Thrive Post RDR

14 Mar 2012

George Kinder presents his signature EVOKE(R) model, a methodology that takes clients through a five-stage interview process (Exploration - Vision - Obstacles - Knowledge - Execution), leading to a comprehensive and highly tailored plan of action.

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Learn how to:

  • Build a trusting relationship from the first minutes of the first meeting
  • Help clients uncover inspirational life visions that bring vitality and vigor to their finances
  • Address key obstacles to attain long-desired goals
  • Integrate the life vision with practical financial strategies
  • Overcome resistance to plan execution
  • Attract a larger share of clients' assets

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Using Technology to Thrive Post RDR 

Live at 1pm on Wednesday 21st March or afterwards demand

By attending this session participants will gain an understanding of the role of technology in the provision of financial advice. Presenter Mark Loosmore will outline the types of solutions in the market, looking at the new drivers for technology post-RDR. He will focus on client-centric systems and the consistency of process and will share lessons learned from Australia to help UK financial advisers take advantage of new technologies.

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