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J.P. Morgan Asset Management – Onside with Gartside

JP Morgan IFA Investment Webcast

13 Mar 2012

Join Nick Gartside, manager of the JPM Strategic Bond Fund, for the next in the series of monthly fixed income updates: ‘Onside with Gartside’ on Thursday 15 March 09:30 BST. 

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Onside with Gartside

Nick will talk about the prospects for fixed income within a low gross environment, and how you and your clients' can be positioned to benefit.

JPM Strategic Bond Fund

An ideal fixed income solution, the fund provides diversification to global bond markets, making difficult asset allocation decisions for you.

The fund benefits from its highly experienced global management team led by its portfolio managers, Bob Michele, Nick Gartside and Iain Stealey, along with its flexible investment approach and focus on low volatility which we believe are key to its success.

Find out how the OBSR ‘A’ rated JPM Strategic Bond Fund can benefit your clients’ portfolios.




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