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Quilter Financial Adviser School

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12 Aug 2019

Quilter Financial Adviser School

Never before has there been a greater demand for financial advisers with social and demographic changes fuelling the need for financial advice. An ageing population, changes in the housing market and differences in working patterns, all mean that managing wealth is becoming more complex. People need help to make more informed choices, which means there are plenty of opportunities for advisers. 

The average age of a financial adviser working in the UK today is 58, meaning many firms are keen to recruit new advisers to look after existing customers as well as grow new ones. By training as an adviser, you could enjoy a lucrative career and take satisfaction in helping your clients achieve their goals. 

Whatever your background or experience, becoming a financial adviser is both accessible and achievable. Even if you think your previous experience is unrelated to financial advice, the likelihood is you’ll have valuable skills – such as dealing with people and problem solving – that will be highly prized.

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