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Standard Life: Choosing a platform isn't a once in a lifetime decision

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25 Apr 2019

Standard Life: Choosing a platform isn't a once in a lifetime decision

Steve Owen, Head of Elevate Platform Propositions at Standard Life discusses what really matters when coming to a decision on what platform is right for advisers and their clients.

Selecting a platform partner, it’s a massive decision for advisers and their clients. It takes time and effort to make the right choice and once you’ve chosen, you might be forgiven for not wanting to think about it again for a while.

But it’s not a once in a lifetime decision. The FCA has been quite clear that you need to be able to demonstrate that the platform(s) you use meet the ongoing needs of your clients. Due diligence reviews should be a regular occurrence to validate that your platform still fits the bill.

So when it comes to selecting or reviewing a platform, what is it that should really matter?

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