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Communicating with clients using end-to-end encryption white paper

Technology whitepaper for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

10 Apr 2019

Communicating with clients using end-to-end encryption white paper
This MyDocSafe paper explains why encryption of client communication is the
new standard for professional services firms and how those firms can use that
technology to minimise reputational, compliance and cyber risks related to
personal data breaches and identity theft.
In Section 1 we discuss what that means for your business and what you can do to adapt
to the new reality of “surveillance capitalism” on the one hand and GDPR on the other.
Section 2 includes a brief history of encryption, and using the example of WhatsApp,
explains how your behavioural data can be extracted even in the case of end-to-end
encryption services.
Download the white paper here
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