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BlackRock's Insight Series continues on UK Outlook

Investment webinar for Financial Advisers & Paraplanners

25 Apr 2018

BlackRock's Insight Series continues on UK Outlook

Britain’s public finances are looking better than forecasted post the Brexit referendum. Our four biggest taxes are returning bigger than expected revenues, unemployment is close to a four-decade low, nominal wage growth seems to be increasing and we’re starting to take on more debt1.

So why is it that according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the UK economy will grow at a slower pace than any other major advanced or emerging nation this year?

Join BlackRock’s Antony Manchester as he takes a deep dive into the current Brexit negotiations, discussing movement of businesses (private and public), trade barriers, public finances, living standards and the future of the Irish border. Also on the webinar will be BlackRock’s Roland Arnold who will take a deeper dive into the key drivers within UK equity markets and the case for investing in smaller companies.

1 Source: BlackRock and The Economist, March 2018.

Webinar Details

Thursday 3 May

11:00 – 11:45am GMT

This event will be live streamed only.

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