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Make things simpler with Prudentialís Extracting Company Profits tool

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22 Feb 2018

Make things simpler with Prudentialís Extracting Company Profits tool

Prudential are well known for their suite of tools and calculators, which can help generate discussions with your clients. One of their most popular tools just now is the Extracting Company Profits one.

This tool allows you to sit with clients and discuss the different options they have for extracting profits from their business. You can input a client’s current remuneration structure and highlight how adjusting this structure might benefit them, possibly mitigating the tax and national insurance payable to HMRC.


Access the tool here.

Other support on offer 

Watch a webinar which pulls out pointers which will help when you’re using the tool and allow you to get the most out of it. Watch the webinar

Or you can read the Taking profits from a Limited Company article

You can see Prudential’s full range of tools and calculators here

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