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Prudential: Developing Professional Relationships WebEx

Partner webex for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

26 Sep 2016

Prudential: Developing Professional Relationships WebEx
28th September 2016 - don’t miss out!

This is your last chance to register for the Prudential WebEx day aimed at helping you develop your professional relationships.

There are six different sessions running on the day, with each one designed to show how working together in professional relationships can deliver significantly enhanced and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Prudential are delighted to be joined by special guests who will be running sessions or taking part in a live Q&A sessiona. Also, some of their Technical managers will be running case study sessions that look at the benefits of professional relationships brought to different financial planning situations.

It’s a day full of useful hints and tips that you could find useful in developing your professional relationships.

9am: Financial advisers and solicitors working together

Ian Muirhead, Director and Chairman at SIFA, will run this 30 minute sessions looking at his experiences of advisers working with solicitors.

10am: Financial advisers and accountants working together

John Gaskell, Manager at ICAEW, will run a 30 minute session looking at his experiences of advisers and accountants working together.

11am: Financial advisers, solicitors an accountants working together – live Q&A session

Colin Thomas, Business Consultancy Manager, will host this session and discuss with a financial planner, a solicitor and an accountant their experiences of working together.

1pm: Jane’s case study (Financial implications of a divorce)

Clare Moffat, one of our Technical Managers, will explore the key areas to understand.

2pm: David’s case study (Business owner)

Graeme Robb takes an in-depth look at the key areas surrounding corporate investment.

3pm: Corporate investing masterclass

Graeme Robb takes an in-depth look at the key areas surrounding corporate investment.


You can register for your chosen sessions here.

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