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Prudential's Portfolio Management Group WebEx on 1 September 2016

Investment webex for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

22 Aug 2016

Prudential's Portfolio Management Group WebEx on 1 September 2016

Register to join our WebEx on 1 September 2016 to help you identify new financial opportunities with your clients.

On this special event, Paul Fidell will host a live interview with Andy Brown, Investment Director and Phil Butler, Portfolio Manager, both key figures at Prudential's Portfolio Management Group (PPMG).

During the interview, we'll focus on three key areas:

  • Where are we now? We'll start by giving an 'economic update' and expand into where we think 'Brexit' currently is and what's currently happening in the property market.
  • What are the possible routes we can take from here? The strategical and tactical opportunities.
  • How are we going to manage this? Obtaining diversification, portfolio construction and due diligence.

We want to give you every opportunity to access this expert insight so there are three sessions on the day and you can register for any one of these.

Technical Masterclass

We're also running a Masterclass at 3pm, on public sector pensions. On this session, Moira Warner, Technical Manager, will provide a brief overview of current arrangements and wider proposals/restrictions affecting member's packages. She'll then take an in-depth look at death benefits, defined top-up options, AVC and pensions freedom.

To register for your chosen WebEx, click on the following link.

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