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Schroders webconferences in June

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28 May 2015

Schroder UK Dynamic Smaller Companies Fund

Smaller companies offer investors exposure to some niche growth areas that, often, cannot be accessed through large companies. They also tend to grow more rapidly than larger firms and can go on to become household names. Join fund manager Paul Marriage for an update.

Date:  Thursday 4 June
Time: 11:00


Asia - Charting turbulent waters

Matthew Dobbs, fund manager, will discuss both the short-term and long-term economic outlook for the Asia ex Japan region. He will lay out the case for investing in the region and discuss current issues facing investors there.

Date: Wednesday 10 June
Time: 14:00


Schroder Asian Income Fund

The fund uses fundamental research to help unlock income opportunities in Asian markets. Richard Sennitt, the fund's manager, has 21 years of investment experience following the Far Eastern markets at Schroders and is supported by 38 ex Japan analysts based in six offices across Asia. 

Date: Thursday 18 June
Time: 14:00


Schroder Global Equity Income Fund

Ian Kelly and Jamie Lowry, co-fund managers, will discuss the danger of chasing yield for the sake of yield in the equity market and why they focus more on the overall valuation case of businesses rather than headline dividend yield numbers.

Date: Tuesday 30 June
Time: 11:00


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