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Why choose Panacea Recruitment?

Finding the right people to expand your business is not easy.

The process of hiring staff can be time-consuming and costly. You need to write the job ad, post it on recruitment sites, review applications, interview candidates and finally hire the right person who not only can do the job, but fits in with your company culture.

As a cure to the process problems, Panacea has launched a new division, Panacea Recruitment, designed to take some of this pressure away.

Why is Panacea Recruitment unique?

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If you are interested in finding out more or working with us please contact Luke Welham today on:

Tel: 01923 903305
Mob: 07886 035346

Luke is an LLB qualified professional with seven years recruitment & search experience across the financial services sector. He has worked with a wide range of banks, lenders, wealth & investment managers and insurance firms. His experience covers permanent and interim hires across corporate governance, wealth & financial planning and business change.

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