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Adviser Sentiment Summer Survey 2016

7 Jun 2016

It has been a busy and fast-paced six months within the financial and political world. We are seeing more reports than ever on developing technologies, impacts of regulation changes and how financial services could be affected by politics.

With this in mind we would like to know more about how you are feeling in terms of your business and how you are being affected by the current macro and microenvironment.

By completing this survey you will help Panacea, as the voice of the DA Financial Adviser, assess the mood of the advisory community and issues that the industry is facing so we can continue to raise awareness via the press and to the various regulatory bodies.

The below survey will remain anonymous, only contains 20 questions and will take just a few minutes of your time. 

Survey closing date: Friday 29th July 2016
If you are unable to see the survey below please click here to open in a new browser window.


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Comments (3)

Depressed doesn't begin to express it. Sure there may well be increased client engagement. Repositioning portfolios will take time and effort. Not a good Idea to slap on too much on charges as this will further negatively impact portfolios.

Clutching at the straw of markets holding up may be not only be a short term phenomenon, but taken in context itís nothing to shout about. The FTSE 100 52 week high has been 6,800; over the last 8 years it really has gone nowhere. Specialist funds (Security, Tech, Pharma etc) as well as Global may well be the right way to go. Investing in the UK may well be best avoided for quite some time to come.

There will be a gaping hole in exchequer receipts and Iím convinced that taxes will rise. This added to rising prices may well lead to investors holding back and building cash reserves, which themselves will shrink due to the lamentable interest rates, rising inflation and the effect of FOREX.

I canít see much if anything to be upbeat about, whether financially, politically or socially.

PS. I didnít manage to find the survey. When clicked on it took me back to this page.

Harry Katz   29/06/2016   11:02
Thanks Harry, the survey should show just above where your comment is. Does it not display on the page?

If not you can go to and complete from there.

Sarah Paul   29/06/2016   11:07
Now I could access the survey. Got to NO.10 - filled it in , clicked next and No 10 answer was wiped and no forward movement.

Harry Katz   29/06/2016   12:56


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